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1yr Health Guarantee

Shipping Available $350

Love and Wrinkles await you!

     Hello.  Our names are Reed Ridgway and Debra Denton.   We work closely with our veterinarian so our dogs and your puppy have the best professional care available to them around the clock with the latest in preventive and proactive medications and treatments. The knowledge we have gained from our eleven years of breeding French Bulldogs allows us to give you the most healthy puppy possible. Our dogs and puppies are raised in our home with our children and cherished as any family member would be.  We promise to provide not only a healthy, but also well socialized puppy that will become a treasure in your home.

     References are proudly available upon request, don't be afraid to ask! You should feel comfortable about whom your breeder is.  We are available to you most any time just call or email and we will happily provide you with any information that will help you choose one of our French Bulldog babies.  We strive to provide excellent quality puppies with friendly service at affordable prices.

FAQ:  Why is your price so low for puppies with Champion bloodlines?

We breed French Bulldogs for the LOVE of it, NOT for the money and we believe that makes all the difference in the type of personalized care you and your puppy receive from us.

     We have had the pleasure to deal with many wonderful people in both buying and selling Bulldogs and we wish to pass on our good fortune by offering top quality puppies at prices the average, hard-working family and individual can afford. 

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